History of Fort Hill, Part 2 (2008). Mural by: Loray McDuffie, Taylor Saintable, Edwin Perez-Clancy, Christine O'Connell, Julia Andreasson, Jorge Benitez, Divah Payne, Lucy Saintcyr, Laua Dedonato, Gregg Bernstein.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

No Saturday mail delivery? No Friday delivery, either

The loading doc of the Stull & Lee Roxbury post office
 For years mail delivery at our residence has been a lick and a promise on Friday—a single piece at best.  Then Saturday would be the bonus day.  Apparently the balance of Friday's mail and all of Saturday's mail would be delivered on Saturday.

We always attributed this to the Monday-to-Friday mail carrier wanting to work a easy, half day before lighting off for the weekend, sticking it to the Saturday carrier.  This nuisance, stacked next to the plague of misdelivered mail (wrong number, wrong street name, sometime both) seemed small beer for life in Roxbury.

But then, the post office sorting  got way better, so that it is rare for us to get mail that is not ours.  However, now, the delivery on both Friday and Saturday is scant to non-existent.  The bonus day is Monday.  It seems this might be a staffing decision at a higher level, with money being saved by whacking delivery or sorting staff for these two days.

Again, this seems a small nuisance compared to the larger tribulations of urban living, but we can't help feeling that the USPS is sticking it to Roxbury.  When the rest of the country goes to five day delivery, will Roxbury get only four days?

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