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Friday, February 10, 2012

Less than careful commuter parking on Centre St

Ticketed and hooked within fifteen minutes.
We've stumbled upon imminent disaster before and persuaded the BTD to hold off towing a neighbor's car until we've been able to bang on their door to alert them to the impending tow.  Usually the tow operator has shown patience and been willing to wait a couple of minutes before hooking the vehicle.

Somehow we didn't feel quite the same compassion to the random commuter owner of this automobile, who wedged his full-sized vehicle into a half-sized spot.

We don't have strong opinions about how severely parking violations should be treated on Centre Street, but we were astounded at how little time elapsed between this car being spotted, being ticketed, and being towed.  About a quarter of an hour from beginning to end.

The towing section of the BTD website tells this:  "Vehicles towed for illegal parking are subject to a $90.00 tow fee.  In addition, there is a storage fee of $3.00/hour up to $15.00/day. Payment may be made by cash, Master Card, VISA, ATM card, or debit card."  That, plus the $100 for the ticket, sets the penalty at $193 minimum.  Ouch.  Tic-toc.  The tow lot closes at 10:30 p.m.

The 47 bus out of Dudley is the closest bus.  Not a pleasant walk.

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