History of Fort Hill, Part 2 (2008). Mural by: Loray McDuffie, Taylor Saintable, Edwin Perez-Clancy, Christine O'Connell, Julia Andreasson, Jorge Benitez, Divah Payne, Lucy Saintcyr, Laua Dedonato, Gregg Bernstein.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Clean streets IV

About two years ago we whined about the disgusting mess on the odd-numbered side of Roxbury Street between Eliot Square and Gardner Street.

To be fair we ought to commend whomever has been keeping that stretch of commuter parking free of trash and litter.  Walking by the other day, this is what we found.
No trash, no build up of leaves; but, rather a reasonably clean sidewalk and gutter.  To whomever is tending to this part of Roxbury Street we say, Thank you!

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  1. especially now that hi-lo is gone i'll end up with things only to be found at Tropical Foods. a good excuse to take Orange to Jackson Square and take a meandering path (came across your blog when looking for a place to live last summer)

    i was stricken by the amount of trash on these small vacant parcels, which seem to be everywhere. making uhub's recent 'nip graveyard' @ cleveland-circle pic seem comically sparse - particularly near Fernandez liquors.

    perhaps overgrowth covers it in summer and snow in winter, so only a rare season reveals. at least it is fixable as this post proves. and green space exists in the first place - am realizing other areas where buildings are flush to the curb and no vacant lots exist - gleaming street-sweeping machines must suck up millions of minibotttles nightly