History of Fort Hill, Part 2 (2008). Mural by: Loray McDuffie, Taylor Saintable, Edwin Perez-Clancy, Christine O'Connell, Julia Andreasson, Jorge Benitez, Divah Payne, Lucy Saintcyr, Laua Dedonato, Gregg Bernstein.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Arthur's house gets new siding

After flapping in the breeze for the last year or two, the Tyvek home wrap on Arthur's house is getting some siding.  Earlier this week the workers put up the decorative, external window frames, which gave us hope that this persistent Centre Street eyesore would finally start to look like housing, blending better into the neighborhood street-scape.

Evidently, the new owners of Arthur's house have been slowly investing in the community by rebuilding the house a little at a time, as they had the capital.  We appreciate the investment, but it has been a long time in coming.

We are also liking the color.
Here is the unsided, northeast face of Arthur's house.  You can see the EasyGuard brand home wrap on this face (Tyvek on the other side) and the new three-window dormer on the third floor.  It's odd that all the old windows in the house were removed and replaced with much smaller windows and it's unfortunate that this side of the house lost most of its windows in the rebuild.  We're sure the house will be much tighter, warmer, and cheaper-to-heat.

Why do we call it Arthur's House, even though it's also been Terry's house and Richard's house and some despicable and soul-less bank's house before these new owners took over?


  1. Your home is beautiful! We are building a white farmhouse in central Texas and I am trying to decide on exterior paint colors.I would love to know what brand/color paint you used for the siding and trim.I love the slight difference
    in color.Beautiful home inside and out!

  2. Having new sidings feels so great and exciting! It's almost as good as having a new house, especially if you saved for so long for that renovation.

    Sandra Ludwig

  3. I like the color of the new sidings on Arthur’s house. It’s easy on the eyes, and it definitely blends with its surroundings. It’s been a year already. Did the homeowners do any more renovations on their home?

  4. Are there any updates here? How’s the house doing by the way? I agree with Aubrey. The color of the siding’s really easy on the eyes. It’ll be a good idea to repaint the siding every few years to reinforce the protection it acquires through the paint. Just my two cents there for anyone who might drop by.

    - Kylee Groves -