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Friday, February 26, 2010

Assessed building & land values for 79 / 85 Centre St

The photograph depicts 79 & 85 Centre Street viewed west by southwest from the corner of Linwood and Centre Streets. Parker Hill is visible in the far background at the horizon line. The metal and glass roof of Roxbury Community College is visible in the near background. One abutter's property is visible at the left margin of the photograph.

It's all about money.
Since it is all about money, it seems prudent to fetch the assessed values for the plots at issue.

There are two lots: 85 Centre Street upon which the building in question sits and 79 Centre Street, the adjacent lot (more about which in a future post).

85 Centre St (map)
This is the building depicted above and in earlier posts. The first link is to the City of Boston Assessing Department's record. The second link displays a map.

The lot size of 85 Centre is 1581 sq ft. The assessed building value is $119,400, and the assessed land value is $38,100, yielding a total value $157,500. The information at the map link confirms the land value, but gives a greater assessed building value of $136,900.00 for a total of $175,000.00.

The property type of this lot is Commercial.

79 Centre St (map)
This is the lot that sits north of 85 Centre Street (or to the right in the photographs).

Previously this lot was unimproved green space. We'll say more about its improvement in a future post.

The lot size of 79 Centre is 4270 sq ft, and the assessed land value is $84,100. The information at the map link gives a greater assessed land value of $100,700.00.

Both parcels together measure a total of 5851 total sq ft. The combined assessed land value is $122,200.00 (or, $138,800.00), the assessed building value is $119,400.00 (or, $136,900.00), and total assessed value of the land and building is $241,600.00 (or, $275,700.00 if you believe the figures on the Assessing Dept. map).

The property type of this lot is Residential Land.

The owner of record for both properties, according to the Assessing Department's web site, is Victor Feliciano. He appears to be up to date on his 2010 property taxes.

The assessing map seems to indicate there is yet a third lot to the south of #85, but when searching by address or lot number, the assessing database comes up empty handed.

Our next post will talk about post hoc Dover Amendment curb-cuts and parking lots.

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